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Virtual Piano

Virtual Piano is the best piano for your smartphone. Are you a musician or you wan't to exercise your fingers on piano? This app is right for you. It gives you the option to use many octaves while playing. You can download it from Play here!"

Cool and clean application design features optimized piano key sizes so you can play music very easy. Piano has small navigation window which enables you to change octave or expand currently active keyboard with just one click. By clicking right or left control of the navigation window you can move across piano keyboard in no time.
If you need both hands while performing some song, no poblem. You can switch to double piano layout. Double piano layout enables you to use two octaves on one screen. It divides you screen into two areas - both with piano octave loaded. Each piano has it's own navigation window so you have no problem to set each piano keyboard as you wish. Multitouch works great and you can now play with both fingers.
New features are planned. We'll add sound effects and recording feature soon so please be in touch.