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Drum set

Drum set has been updated! We have added the Recording feature. Now you are able to record your beats. Check it out now and download the best drums on Google Play!"

You can pick between 5 different drum layouts. Each layout consist different set of drums and cymbals. You can find a wide range of splashes, rides, crashes, hi-hats, snares, toms and many more.
Layouts currently include:
- Basic drum set,
- Big concert set
- Jazz set
- Double bass set
- Electric drum set
+ rich set of components: kick, bass, snare, tom, floor, cymbal, crash, splash, ride, wood, cowbell, electric drum pad, different percussions

Each set has it's own sounds, looks and feel. It is up to your style - are you a pro and need large drum set or are you a jazz drummer. Electric drums are first and the best simulation for electric drum snare.
So this drums are actually 5 applications in one so you must try it. Follow us on official Facebook page: Facebook link where you can see what's been going on."