Virtual Guitar

Guitar has been updated! Now you can play the greatest guitaristic hits with chord switch mode and rich songbook.

Guitar is available for Android and Windows phone. Here you can download Guitar for Windows phones.
Play guitar on your smartphone! Use your favorite guitar: fast chord, chord switch or solo. Chord switch mode features a rich songbook with the greatest guitar hits. Choose between different sounds: acoustic, acoustic-electric or electric (distorted) sound. This is great guitar for all musicians and those who want to become one so tune your strings and let's play some music.
Guitar has 3 modes of playing live music
* chord-switch - you can pick from wide range of predefined chords or use our songbook to play the greatest hits
* quick chord - the chords are placed between guitar's frets so you can easily play all chords with just one touch
* solo Guitar gives you 4 sound effects
* acoustic
* distortion / overdrive
* acoustic-electric

You can tune your Guitar with pitch tunning option. The songbook gives you access to many songs with pre-arranged chords so you can play songs from various artists such as Eric Clapton, Eagles, Adele, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, Elvis etc. Use this great guitar if you are a guitarist or you want to become one.

Virtual Guitar